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Referral Program

BTC Trader Online are constantly innovating in the field of crypto currency mining and trading, so that clients that affiliates refer will always have new and exciting tools at their disposal. And because we are leaders and not followers, potential clients affiliates refer will see new tools that are not available elsewhere, immediately setting aside BTC Trader Online from the competition.

Joining our referral program means you immediately have an advantage. By offering the most robust, most versatile, most visually-appealing product available to your potential clients, you greatly increase the chances of making successful referrals.

Our remuneration package for successful referrals is one of the best you can find in the market.

For a detailed information regarding our referral program please contact your Account Executive or email

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Andrew Dy

I finished my 90 day program yesterday and got my money today! How good was that! Maldives here we come!! Thanks BTC Trader Online!! Forever grateful!!

Brad Johnson

I was a skeptic before I invested and didn't know much about mining and trading. That's all behind me now thanks to Travis and his team. Been with their program four times now and my bank account is looking better than ever. Keep up the good work and continue to help those in need. On behalf of my wife and the rest of my group....a huge thank you to BTC Trader Online!!

Margaret Connor

As a retiree every cent counts but at the same time I don't want to be restricted in things that I can do as well. Through a friend's recommendation I decided to invest some of my money with BTC Trader Online. I knew nothing about trading and mining but everyone in the company was always there to help and answer my questions. Now I have additional income every 90 days. My sincerest thanks to everyone.