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Crypto Mining

BTC Trader Online offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money. Our crypto mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies, as well as for cryptocurrency experts and large-scale investors. .

We are a team of experts in the digital currency sector, and our Crypto Mining Program is designed to guarantee returns of up to 60% per month risk free!

What is Crypto Mining?

Crypto mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new crypto currencies are released.  Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.  The mining process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle.  The participant who first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and claim the rewards.  The rewards, which incentivize mining, are both the transaction fees associated with the transactions compiled in the block as well as newly released crypto currencies.

Why mine with us?

Besides Bitcoin we mine the most profitable portfolio of altcoins including Bitcoiin 2nd Generation (B2G). Bitcoiin B2G offers an ecosystem, working together with Dragon Mining, to allow individuals, large and small businesses to earn equally while mining Bitcoiin B2G. This improves on the original bitcoin, which at present maturity is accessible only to massive corporations.

Bitcoiin B2G features the same Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism as the original bitcoin. PoW is a piece of data produced by elaborate, computationally-intensive algorithms to satisfy certain mathematical requirements. PoW is a random process with very low profitability. Massive trial and error is required before a valid PoW is generated. Bitcoiin B2G uses the HashCash PoW.

We believe that Altcoins have high importance, because diversity fosters innovation. The many different coins with their strong communities are an inseparable part of the digital currency sector and we stand by their side with full support.

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Andrew Dy

I finished my 90 day program yesterday and got my money today! How good was that! Maldives here we come!! Thanks BTC Trader Online!! Forever grateful!!

Brad Johnson

I was a skeptic before I invested and didn't know much about mining and trading. That's all behind me now thanks to Travis and his team. Been with their program four times now and my bank account is looking better than ever. Keep up the good work and continue to help those in need. On behalf of my wife and the rest of my group....a huge thank you to BTC Trader Online!!

Margaret Connor

As a retiree every cent counts but at the same time I don't want to be restricted in things that I can do as well. Through a friend's recommendation I decided to invest some of my money with BTC Trader Online. I knew nothing about trading and mining but everyone in the company was always there to help and answer my questions. Now I have additional income every 90 days. My sincerest thanks to everyone.