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Trading bitcoin via derivatives

Shorting bitcoin is tougher than shorting more traditional currencies, mainly because most bitcoin exchanges are not as tailored to investments as forex exchanges. The difficulty in making complex bitcoin trades – as well as the need for a specific wallet, lack of credit card or PayPal funding, and scarcity of currency – means that bitcoin does not have the same liquidity in trading as other currencies. But we at BTC Trader Online can offer you this currency and forms of payments. 

Those traders wishing to speculate on bitcoin’s volatility can turn to bitcoin derivatives. This type of trading does not involve holding any actual bitcoin. It works by allowing you to open an account and predict what bitcoin will be worth after a period of time and what direction bitcoin’s value is moving in against currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD to name a few via our automated trading system.

Unlike Forex pairs, short term derivative crypto trading has no bank regulation and fees, no need to install Metatraders and other complicated software, no need to sit and watch charts and buy expensive VPS servers and most importantly its less risky and generates more profit.

BTC Trader Online allows ways to invest in bitcoin while avoiding some of its limitations and risks.

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Andrew Dy

I finished my 90 day program yesterday and got my money today! How good was that! Maldives here we come!! Thanks BTC Trader Online!! Forever grateful!!

Brad Johnson

I was a skeptic before I invested and didn't know much about mining and trading. That's all behind me now thanks to Travis and his team. Been with their program four times now and my bank account is looking better than ever. Keep up the good work and continue to help those in need. On behalf of my wife and the rest of my group....a huge thank you to BTC Trader Online!!

Margaret Connor

As a retiree every cent counts but at the same time I don't want to be restricted in things that I can do as well. Through a friend's recommendation I decided to invest some of my money with BTC Trader Online. I knew nothing about trading and mining but everyone in the company was always there to help and answer my questions. Now I have additional income every 90 days. My sincerest thanks to everyone.